A dining experience that is as much of a delight for the senses as it is for the imagination.

What is SLC Pop?

We host private, multi-course dining experiences during your business’ off-hours. We will also come to your house! Let's do a cooking class or a fabulous intimate dinner party? Email us at: INFO@SLCPOP.COM 

Katie's Top Chef Experience

This past April Katie was contacted by Top Chef and invited to appear on the show. The premiere is October 15th on Bravo TV. Stay updated here.

Moving on Up

Thanks for all of the overwhelming support at the Nata Gallery in downtown Salt Lake City. It's Not-a gallery, get it?  We've moved out (it was only a pop-up) and are scheduling more POP-UPS for October! Click on NATA GALLERY to see the pictorial story!

"Never eat more than you can lift." -Miss Piggy